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Dec 10
Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

What You Need To Know About Digital Marketing

  Digital marketing has changed the relationship between businesses and consumers and has placed today’s buyer into the driver’s seat. Gone are the days of businesses pushing their message out to consumers; today, digital media provides consumers with access to information anywhere at any time. Digital marketing allows businesses to be far more dynamic in […]

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Nov 27
keyboard keywords

Meta-Morphosis (An intro to metadescriptions)

When your website undergoes an SEO review, one of the factors considered is your metadata – including metadescriptions. But what exactly are metadescriptions and how do you make the most of yours to have your website appear higher in search results? Click here to learn more! …That wasn’t a real link, but that last sentence […]

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Nov 09
Organic Vs. Paid Search Results

Organic vs. Paid Search Results

Over the years, search engines such as Google, have shaped the world of the internet, our lifestyle, habits, and the way we do business. One simple phrase has become the solution to many of our problems, the phrase of “Google it”. Whether you’re looking at how to change the oil of your car or looking at […]

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Nov 06
a phone with facebook open

Create a Social Media Marketing Plan in Under an Hour

The internet is a big place. A BIG place! And Social Media is the voice for that big world wide web. So with 5,000 facebook posts every second and 500 million tweets sent out every day, how do you let your voice be heard? Well, it’s a little trickier than you might think, and people […]

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Oct 23
man on youtube

Should my Business be on YouTube?

With over 3 billion searches per month, YouTube is the second most used Search Engine (next to Google). I know I use it all the time, especially as a first time house buyer for an older home in Hamilton that needed a lot of attention. When it came to researching solutions to fixing my house, […]

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Oct 16
Franchise SEO

Franchise SEO: What is the Best Local SEO Strategy for Franchises?

Every franchise has its own unique set of challenges regarding digital marketing and local SEO. With this post I’d like to examine some of the common local SEO approaches being used by franchises, the challenges they face, and make suggestions as to the best local SEO strategies they could use. Before going any further, it’s important to stress that […]

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Oct 09

Gotta Captcha Them All (Benefits of CAPTCHA)

You’ve probably seen a Captcha recently as you peruse the internet – sometimes it’s a distorted code that you have to type in, or answering a question from a list of answers. My personal favourite is the new “puzzle” one, where you drag the appropriate piece to complete a small picture. But other than adding […]

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Sep 17

A guide to Bidding on Google Adwords

  Google Adwords has made it easier than ever to have your brand, your service and your products shown to millions of potential customers. Adwords makes it very simple to setup a new campaign, add your keywords and write your ads. But is it really as easy as Google tries to make it seem? The […]

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The Advantages of Sponsored Content Linked-In Advertising

Are Sponsored Content Ads right for your Business?  With the large variety of social media platforms and paid advertising approaches, it has become more difficult than ever to decide how to allocate your marketing budget so you receive the highest ROI for your marketing dollars.  While navigating the online marketing world it is imperative to ensure […]

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Aug 27
Rocket SEO Co-op Experience

The Co-op Experience at Rocket SEO

Like most programs offered by universities and colleges around the world, there are many branches on the fruitful tree of Business-Marketing. Account executive, marketing analyst, and brand strategist are a few of many job titles in marketing, but the one profession that is on a rise with today’s demand of digital resources is digital marketing. […]

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Aug 07

Facebook Reviews: Yay or Nay?

Facebook Reviews From an SEO stand point Google+ Reviews have been the most valuable because these reviews are directly connected to Google’s search algorithm and appear beside your business listing on the Google Locals section. If your business acquires a certain amount of reviews your listing will receive a corresponding star status. A glowing 5 […]

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Jul 09
Mobile Rocket SEO

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly – Mobilegeddon

Technology growth is on a constant rise and the use of mobile devices has dramatically increased in the past few years. Most of our daily activities are on our mobile devices. Simple things such as taking notes, setting an alarm, saving the date of a meeting or an event on your calendar, taking pictures, updating […]

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Jul 02
A sign that says Attention

How to Capture People’s Attention with your Blogs

What can I do right now to keep you reading this page all the way to the very bottom? Well if I were to do that I’d need some way to gain your attention without you clicking away. This can be an extremely difficult task, especially in the fast paced world wide web.  But it doesn’t […]

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Jun 24
wall with fresh paint

Seven Ways to Clean Up your Old Blog Posts

With SEO, there is a lot of focus on generating fresh content. One popular way to generate new content is to write blogs. Blogs give you a way to write fantastic articles related to your business without cluttering up your main website’s structure. Since a blog is a list of articles, your site will still […]

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Jun 19
social networking

Content Curation: Underrated yet Highly Effective

Well, if this isn’t the most under-utilized method of attracting followers and building up your authority I don’t know what is. Content Curation is basically collecting, sorting and sharing information, which sounds kind of boring but it can really work to your favour if you are good at it. We are all bombarded with posts, […]

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Jun 12
rocketSEO logo

Behind the Scenes at Rocket SEO

When you’re deciding to take the leap and hire an SEO company, you want to make sure that you’re selecting the best fit for your needs. You want results, but also want to be able to ask questions, get feedback, make suggestions and be heard. If you’re investing in growing your business and web presence, […]

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Jun 05

Mobile “I want to buy” moments

Mobile searches have changed the way that consumers buy products. Instead of having to do all the research at home and going out to buy the product, we are all able to pull out our phones and do a quick comparison on 2 products that are in store. I’m a big fan of Bourbon and […]

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May 28
PageRank and Backlinks

How to Improve a PageRank with Backlinks

Increasing a website’s PageRank is a crucial step when it comes to optimizing a webpage. PageRank is an algorithm set by Google to rank websites in search engine results, which basically means after measuring a few aspects of a website’s pages, Google will determine how important a website is. It’s important for your website to have […]

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May 14
Panda, Pengun and Hummingbird

What are Google’s Algorithms? A practical explanation

You may be asking yourself, “Just what the heck is Google referring to with all this buzz about Pandas, Penguins, and Hummingbirds? What’s next? A Google zoo?” Well fret no longer as I hope to clarify just what kind of power Panda, Penguin and the latest addition, Hummingbird, have in the SEO world and just […]

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May 08
Hockey player celebrating goal, victory with hands and stick up

Setting Goals in Google Analytics

Goal Tracking in Google Analytics is a handy tool to help you get important data about your website’s effectiveness at an instant glance. If you are a small business, Goal Tracking may seem rather daunting, as there are so many options available in the template options.  However, if you keep it simple at the start, […]

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