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Jul 02
A sign that says Attention

How to Capture People’s Attention with your Blogs

What can I do right now to keep you reading this page all the way to the very bottom? Well if I were to do that I’d need some way to gain your attention without you clicking away. This can be an extremely difficult task, especially in the fast paced world wide web.  But it doesn’t […]

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Jun 24
wall with fresh paint

Seven Ways to Clean Up your Old Blog Posts

With SEO, there is a lot of focus on generating fresh content. One popular way to generate new content is to write blogs. Blogs give you a way to write fantastic articles related to your business without cluttering up your main website’s structure. Since a blog is a list of articles, your site will still […]

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Jun 19
social networking

Content Curation: Underrated yet Highly Effective

Well, if this isn’t the most under-utilized method of attracting followers and building up your authority I don’t know what is. Content Curation is basically collecting, sorting and sharing information, which sounds kind of boring but it can really work to your favour if you are good at it. We are all bombarded with posts, […]

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Jun 12
rocketSEO logo

Behind the Scenes at Rocket SEO

When you’re deciding to take the leap and hire an SEO company, you want to make sure that you’re selecting the best fit for your needs. You want results, but also want to be able to ask questions, get feedback, make suggestions and be heard. If you’re investing in growing your business and web presence, […]

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Sep 09
Professional fisherman reeling in a fish.

Hunting or Fishing – What is SEO most like?

There has long been a debate about the best sales and marketing tactics. Some argue in favour of hunting, which involves more aggressive and proactive methods such as cold calls and door-to-door sales. Others prefer to go fishing for clients, meaning casting out the bait and waiting for a strike. This is generally a subtler […]

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Aug 14
Rocket SEO Stop watch

SEO, how long until it starts working?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a powerful tool for marketing your business and attaining new customers that would have otherwise never known your business existed. It is a passive form of advertising and if you have a good SEO company you will always be on the first page, 24 hours a day and 7 days […]

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Jun 09
Content Marketing

Tips to writing SEO content to rank higher on Google!

Tip on writing SEO content for your website: With the new Google Panda 4.0 in full swing, writing SEO content for websites has never been more important. Google wants to see that the content on your website is fresh, relevant, unique, has high quality and is of value to the reader. Googles job is to […]

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May 26
Rocket SEO

4 SEO tips to Help You Rank Higher!

SEO Tips to help you rank better for Googles new update Panda 4.0: SEO can be a very confusing thing to a lot of people. There are so many different ways to have your website ranked better on Google. And there are a lot of conflicting ideas on how to accomplish this. What I want […]

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May 13
Writers block and blogging

Small Business Blog Ideas – (part 2/2)

In our first post for generating blog ideas, we looked at three ways a small business could generate ideas to write blog posts.  Blogs, as you remember, are a great way to put content on your site, and build trust with readers.  Content, and building trust are fantastic ways to build a positive reputation with […]

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Content Marketing and Its Effect on Your Search Engine Rankings

As Google continues on their quest to produce relevant and good quality search results, there is an increased importance on fresh, relevant and good quality content. If your business relies on web site traffic you need to be able to produce this good quality content because as leaders in the internet marketing world say, “Content […]

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The Benefits of Blogging for Business

Blogging for businesses is a common practice these days. Blogging allows the business to write about their industry and address common questions, DIY steps and other topics that potential customers are searching for. Benefits of Blogging:  1. Improve Your Website’s Search Engine Ranking – Fresh content is one of the biggest factors to getting your […]

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