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Nov 06
a phone with facebook open

Create a Social Media Marketing Plan in Under an Hour

The internet is a big place. A BIG place! And Social Media is the voice for that big world wide web. So with 5,000 facebook posts every second and 500 million tweets sent out every day, how do you let your voice be heard? Well, it’s a little trickier than you might think, and people […]

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Dec 05
Review Us On Google+

The Power of Online Reviews

Let’s be honest – if you are online searching for a product or company, and reviews are available, you will take a look. And, if you happen to find unfavorable opinions, you will more than likely take your business elsewhere. Why take the chance of having a bad customer experience? On the other hand, if […]

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Nov 21
SEO checklist 2015

SEO checklist for 2015 and beyond

As we near 2015, we have been working on our checklists and workflows to make sure our clients’ sites continue to thrive — and stay safe from algorithm updates. You don’t want this to happen to your site. This was the result of a Penguin update which penalizes those involved with link schemes designed specifically to increase rankings. (not […]

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Oct 20
Rocket SEO Google Partner Page

Rocket SEO is officially a Google Partner!

Rocket SEO is officially a Google partner. Your Hamilton SEO company has taken the tests and met all of the criteria to make us certified Google Partners. You can find our office Google page here:;idtf=4240328347;  What does this mean for our customers? It means that our services have been put to the test and that […]

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Oct 07
SEO Quiz chalkboard

How Much Do You Know About SEO? Take Our SEO Quiz

Online marketing; especially SEO can be a confusing subject to get a grasp on when you are running a local business. As the business owner you have a lot of things to think about like lead generation, rent, inventory and billings. But you can’t completely ignore marketing because it is a major part of any […]

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Jul 09
Google Business View

Bring Google Street View INSIDE Your Business

Google Business View could be Great for your Business (and your local search results) Here’s something you may not have noticed before but may be a perfect fit for your marketing plan. Have you ever noticed that little button on your Google Plus Dashboard that says “Add Virtual Tour?”  Well, Google Maps Business View could […]

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Jul 04
Google MyBusiness welcome screen

So Long Google Places for Business; Hello Google MyBusiness

Google has finally merged Google Places for Business with Google Pages into what is now called Google MyBusiness. And I, for one, appreciate it. The time period before this transition was complete was quite confusing as there were separate pages to log into and it was difficult to know if changing information in one area […]

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