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Oct 16
Franchise SEO

Franchise SEO: What is the Best Local SEO Strategy for Franchises?

Every franchise has its own unique set of challenges regarding digital marketing and local SEO. With this post I’d like to examine some of the common local SEO approaches being used by franchises, the challenges they face, and make suggestions as to the best local SEO strategies they could use. Before going any further, it’s important to stress that […]

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Working with Rocket SEO?

Working with Rocket SEO? The following are some things we usually require from our SEO clients. When we start working with new clients there are a number of things that we typically require to start off on the right path. This is assuming you already have a website and we aren’t having our design team […]

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Mar 27
Bing Featured Image

But It’s Not Google

Google is by far the most used search engine in Canada, and at Rocket SEO our goal is to ensure your business ranks higher in Google.  However, there are other search engines out there, and we make it part of our SEO package to ensure you are optimized for success with them as well. Unveiled […]

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How can I use Hashtags for #LocalSEO?

Hashtags are something that is mainly used on social media. They can help extend the reach of your posts because they are searchable and many people follow them, particularly the popular ones. This means your content on social media can be found without them actually having to follow you. And not only that, people now search for […]

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Feb 20
Schema SEO Strategy

Creating Local Business Schema Tags

One way to improve your SEO is to include Schema Tags, and early in 2015, Google Webmaster tools released an updated schema tag tester. Schema tags are Micro data code, or JSON-LD code that helps search engines understand your website. Content within the schema tags may even show up off to the side in searches.   […]

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Dec 16

The Dangers of Black Hat SEO

The dangers of using a SEO company that does Black Hat SEO To start this blog off, if you are wondering what Black hat SEO or White hat SEO is, please take a look at one of our earlier blogs to get you up to date with Google’s best practices when it comes to SEO.  […]

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Dec 05
Review Us On Google+

The Power of Online Reviews

Let’s be honest – if you are online searching for a product or company, and reviews are available, you will take a look. And, if you happen to find unfavorable opinions, you will more than likely take your business elsewhere. Why take the chance of having a bad customer experience? On the other hand, if […]

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Nov 21
SEO checklist 2015

SEO checklist for 2015 and beyond

As we near 2015, we have been working on our checklists and workflows to make sure our clients’ sites continue to thrive — and stay safe from algorithm updates. You don’t want this to happen to your site. This was the result of a Penguin update which penalizes those involved with link schemes designed specifically to increase rankings. (not […]

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Nov 13
SEO Myth

SEO Myths and Misconceptions

SEO Myths and Misconceptions SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an ever changing business and to stay on top of your industry search terms you have to adapt to the changes that Google is making to the way that they read and rank your website. SEO is complicated and I understand that the average local business […]

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Oct 31
SEO Door with Key infographic

Ten SEO Interview Questions

Are you interested in a job in the Search Engine Optimization field?  Here are a list of questions a potential employer might ask you to ensure you do quality work for them.  SEO is a great industry to work in as many companies realize that content driven marketing on websites can lead to improved sales […]

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Oct 20
Rocket SEO Google Partner Page

Rocket SEO is officially a Google Partner!

Rocket SEO is officially a Google partner. Your Hamilton SEO company has taken the tests and met all of the criteria to make us certified Google Partners. You can find our office Google page here:;idtf=4240328347;  What does this mean for our customers? It means that our services have been put to the test and that […]

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Oct 07
SEO Quiz chalkboard

How Much Do You Know About SEO? Take Our SEO Quiz

Online marketing; especially SEO can be a confusing subject to get a grasp on when you are running a local business. As the business owner you have a lot of things to think about like lead generation, rent, inventory and billings. But you can’t completely ignore marketing because it is a major part of any […]

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Sep 09
Professional fisherman reeling in a fish.

Hunting or Fishing – What is SEO most like?

There has long been a debate about the best sales and marketing tactics. Some argue in favour of hunting, which involves more aggressive and proactive methods such as cold calls and door-to-door sales. Others prefer to go fishing for clients, meaning casting out the bait and waiting for a strike. This is generally a subtler […]

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Sep 08
Rocket SEO

Free iPad Mini

Summer is over and everyone is back to the regular work week. It’s time to get your website to the front page of Google and start gaining the business that you are loosing to your competitors by being invisible on Google. Not only can we get you to the front page, we will even give you a […]

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Essential SEO Skills

One of Rocket SEO’s main strengths is that we employ a dozen people with different backgrounds and educational skills to manage your SEO.  The reasoning behind this is that it is difficult to get your small business on the first page of Google.  It takes a lot of brainstorming, planning, creative thinking, and experimentation (and […]

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Aug 14
Rocket SEO Stop watch

SEO, how long until it starts working?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a powerful tool for marketing your business and attaining new customers that would have otherwise never known your business existed. It is a passive form of advertising and if you have a good SEO company you will always be on the first page, 24 hours a day and 7 days […]

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Jul 31
Rule the local results 2014

Optimizing your Google My Business Page

How to Optimize your Google My Business page to get better rankings in local searches. When working to win local searches such as “SEO Hamilton” for example, there are many different tactics that you can use. But none better the optimizing your Google My Business page. But what is all involved in creating & optimizing […]

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Jul 25
SEO Hamilton

Why Your Company Needs SEO!

Search Engine Optimization is a great marketing strategy because it helps those that are looking online for your services or products find you. Generally people are lazy, so being higher on the list will ensure that they will view your website and if they are impressed will give you a call.   Google searches have geographic […]

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Jul 09
Google Business View

Bring Google Street View INSIDE Your Business

Google Business View could be Great for your Business (and your local search results) Here’s something you may not have noticed before but may be a perfect fit for your marketing plan. Have you ever noticed that little button on your Google Plus Dashboard that says “Add Virtual Tour?”  Well, Google Maps Business View could […]

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Jul 04
Google MyBusiness welcome screen

So Long Google Places for Business; Hello Google MyBusiness

Google has finally merged Google Places for Business with Google Pages into what is now called Google MyBusiness. And I, for one, appreciate it. The time period before this transition was complete was quite confusing as there were separate pages to log into and it was difficult to know if changing information in one area […]

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