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Nov 06
a phone with facebook open

Create a Social Media Marketing Plan in Under an Hour

The internet is a big place. A BIG place! And Social Media is the voice for that big world wide web. So with 5,000 facebook posts every second and 500 million tweets sent out every day, how do you let your voice be heard? Well, it’s a little trickier than you might think, and people […]

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Jun 24
wall with fresh paint

Seven Ways to Clean Up your Old Blog Posts

With SEO, there is a lot of focus on generating fresh content. One popular way to generate new content is to write blogs. Blogs give you a way to write fantastic articles related to your business without cluttering up your main website’s structure. Since a blog is a list of articles, your site will still […]

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Jun 19
social networking

Content Curation: Underrated yet Highly Effective

Well, if this isn’t the most under-utilized method of attracting followers and building up your authority I don’t know what is. Content Curation is basically collecting, sorting and sharing information, which sounds kind of boring but it can really work to your favour if you are good at it. We are all bombarded with posts, […]

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Jun 05

Mobile “I want to buy” moments

Mobile searches have changed the way that consumers buy products. Instead of having to do all the research at home and going out to buy the product, we are all able to pull out our phones and do a quick comparison on 2 products that are in store. I’m a big fan of Bourbon and […]

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Suggestions for Social Media Success

In this day and age, social media is one of the strongest forces in the online world. Facebook, Twitter, independent bloggers, the list goes on. So how does a business make their presence known, and not get lost in the shuffle? Here’s a few tips to help make your page stand out: Quality Updates Nothing […]

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Facebook Advertising – Recent Additions

Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Linkedin and many others have become huge platforms used by entrepreneurs and business owners to provide brand awareness, acquire traffic and increase sales and leads. Facebook claims to have 1.28 billion active users with over 800 million active daily users. You can guarantee whatever niche business or industry […]

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How can I use Hashtags for #LocalSEO?

Hashtags are something that is mainly used on social media. They can help extend the reach of your posts because they are searchable and many people follow them, particularly the popular ones. This means your content on social media can be found without them actually having to follow you. And not only that, people now search for […]

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Website S.O.S.

Is your website sending out signs of distress? S.O.S. is the international Morse code distress signal (· · · – – – · · ·), which then became associated with phrases such as “Save Our Ship” and “Save Our Souls.” If your website has low visitor counts, high bounce rates and no conversions, your ship is obviously sinking. Chances are you’ve gone down a […]

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Nov 21
SEO checklist 2015

SEO checklist for 2015 and beyond

As we near 2015, we have been working on our checklists and workflows to make sure our clients’ sites continue to thrive — and stay safe from algorithm updates. You don’t want this to happen to your site. This was the result of a Penguin update which penalizes those involved with link schemes designed specifically to increase rankings. (not […]

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Oct 07
SEO Quiz chalkboard

How Much Do You Know About SEO? Take Our SEO Quiz

Online marketing; especially SEO can be a confusing subject to get a grasp on when you are running a local business. As the business owner you have a lot of things to think about like lead generation, rent, inventory and billings. But you can’t completely ignore marketing because it is a major part of any […]

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Sep 26
Two Pumpkins

With SEO, Timing is Everything

There’s an episode of the Simpsons, where everyone in Springfield gets rich because they sold their pumpkin investment off before Halloween.  Everyone except for Homer, who waited until November 1st to try to sell his pumpkins (he was not very successful… doh!).  With SEO, the same concepts apply, but often Timing is overlooked by many […]

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Sep 22

Hootsuite Crash Course

Hootsuite: Social Media Dashboard Hootsuite is a social media management tool that simplifies social media tasks by providing a singular dashboard to work from. It pretty well sets the bar in terms of these types of tools. From my research, other tools fall short in one way or another. Some are very powerful, like TweetDeck, […]

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Popular Social Media Tools of Today’s Generation

Social media impacts the way we market our products and services to anyone and everyone. It’s our job to make sure we keep on top of the ever changing popular social media platforms as well as keep up-to-date with any changes of the old ones. If a business isn’t keeping up-to-date with the main marketing […]

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Is Pinterest right for my business?

What is Pinterest? Pinterest is a social media platform that focuses on visual representations. Users can search existing images and create an account where they can save images found on Pinterest (called repinning) or they can create new “pins” by saving images from websites (that link back to the original website). People can also create […]

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