The Co-op Experience at Rocket SEO

By Edris Majdi & Matthew Mongeon

Aug 27
Rocket SEO Co-op Experience

Like most programs offered by universities and colleges around the world, there are many branches on the fruitful tree of Business-Marketing. Account executive, marketing analyst, and brand strategist are a few of many job titles in marketing, but the one profession that is on a rise with today’s demand of digital resources is digital marketing. This is why Matthew and I ended up at Rocket SEO. In this blog, we will be explaining both of our experiences at Rocket SEO separately, feel free to call it Rocket’s first ever 2 in 1 blog.

Edris Majdi at Rocket SEO

Edris Majdi

Edris Majdi, Marketing Co-op at Rocket SEO

As a marketing student at Mohawk College, I was very excited to see Rocket SEO’s job posting on our online co-op management tool. I had basic knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and digital marketing as a whole, but the idea of marketing to consumers and other businesses through various digital outlets was something I couldn’t simply ignore.
When I first started at Rocket, I was welcomed with open arms (not literally! of course, that would be a little odd.) The team was, and still is, spectacular. There are no such things as simple or difficult questions, every question is accepted and assistance is provided.

The Skills Gained by Working at Rocket SEO

It doesn’t matter how many years you study, workplace experience cannot be replaced, hence why co-op is offered almost anywhere. Before I started at Rocket SEO I believed I had a good understanding of digital marketing thanks to my professors and personal research, but once I started working here I realized that all I knew was just the tip of the iceberg. My supervisors at Rocket taught me the ins and outs of keyword research, social media, blog postings, various site testings, reports, including what is accepted by Google, what is not accepted by Google and much more.

Work here is never boring since there’s always something new. Once you think you’ve got a good handle on something, Google will suddenly change their algorithms, and now you must find new strategies to appeal to Google as well as other search engines.

Competitors are always coming up with new and trendy ways to market to the consumer through online sources, so you should always be on top of your game, strategize, and constantly generate new ideas.

Business TeamworkCommunication skills, verbal or written, is constantly challenged. Every client is different and they communicate with their audience differently. You must grasp this concept so you can adapt to the client and the clientelle in order to write a successful blog, manage social media, or write a report.

This job requires teamwork and lots of it. I’ve had jobs that required teamwork before, but I haven’t experienced teamwork like this anywhere else. The whole office relies on each other and trusts one another. Doesn’t matter what division, or how experienced you are, Rocket SEO, Adverdea, and Webility work as one. We use our communication skills to solve numerous issues on a daily basis, and we’re always successful at doing so. Thanks to these communications and involvements, I’ve actually learned a lot of HTML and PHP coding as well.

The Digital Marketing Era

According to the research done by the average internet usage has increased from 46 minutes a day in 2002 to 4 hours a day in 2012 and it’s still growing. Businesses have started embracing these changes and they are hiring digital marketing agencies to promote their products and/or services. It has never been a better time to get on the digital marketing wagon, and I’m glad that Rocket SEO accepted me on board.

Matthew Mongeon and Rocket SEO

Matt Mongeon

Matthew Mongeon, Marketing Co-op at Rocket SEO

Alright, so first thing’s first, let’s get this out of the way because I know it’s on all of your minds: Rocket SEO isn’t actually a rocket ship building company. I know! Disappointing right? But once you get over that, working for Rocket SEO is an amazing learning experience! Honestly! From day one, you’ll be part of the team here and you’ll be thrown into an online world of search engines, page ranks, social media and blogs. Lots and lots of blogs! Of course, this doesn’t happen all at once. You’ll be working day to day with some of the kindest people who will make sure you never feel overwhelmed while learning about the vast world of SEO (And trust me, there is a LOT to learn about SEO; even when your co-op is over and done with.)

At the end of the day, what skills do you really get from working at Rocket SEO?

Search engine optimization chalkboardWell, I could go on and on about the answer to this question but I’ll do my best to shorten down the list for you. Right off the bat you’re going to be reviewing/writing blogs for client’s websites so by the end of the co-op term your written communication skills will be so sharp you could shave with them. Along with those razor sharp skills of yours, you’ll be acquiring a knowledge of how to use basic HTML to build a website with text, pictures, videos, social media links and all that fun stuff. Once a client’s site is up and ready, it’s time for your main job, getting people on their site with your newly learnt SEO powers! You can do this through many ways once you’ve learned how to. Possibly the most important aspect of SEO is optimizing a site for “keywords”. For those of you who don’t know, keywords are words or phrases that people search in Google and other search engines. Your task as an SEO specialist is to find keywords related to your website and use those words in your websites content, title, headings etc… It’s a little tricky to get the hang of at first, but luckily you’ll have a lot of SEO tools to work with here at Rocket.

Social Media ButtonsLastly you’ll also be doing lots of social media work for clients, and believe me, if you think you know Facebook, Twitter or even Google+, you’ve probably never gotten to know them quite like this before. Co-op students and co-workers alike all work with a variety of social media tools such as Hootsuite, that let you schedule your clients social media posts weeks in advance, to websites like, that help you find trending topics and content that people will want to read. Once you work away at a client’s social media for long enough, it’s really neat to see yourself start to gain a social following. These are people who check their Facebook, Twitter or Google+ feeds actively and enjoy following your clients posts. Occasionally you’ll even start to see comments from people all across the world who love to read the posts you share with them. The way that technology connects us to the world is fascinating isn’t it?

Closing Statements

All in all, what is the work environment like at an SEO company that specializes in making sure your website gets found and can get you results for your business? Well, the thing is, Rocket is only part of the bigger picture as it shares its offices and team members with two other companies known as Adverdea and Webility. These two companies ask the questions like, “How can we make your site better? More Professional?” or “When people come to this site, what are they here to get?” Once those questions are asked they take care of the website design, development and everything in between that I won’t even get into, but what’s interesting about this is when you show up to work each day you have a very wide variety of people in your office. You’ll be working together with the tech savvy website designers of Webility, the creative minds of Adverdea, and the sharp-witted website content writers of Rocket, all to get a client’s website functioning and looking well rounded, all while providing them with results. So overall, when you become a Co-op of Rocket SEO you haven’t just become part of a company, you’ve become part of a team.

Whether you want to learn more about our team and what we do, or you’re looking at getting more traffic flow to your website, contact us and we’ll be ready to help.