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The Advantages of Sponsored Content Linked-In Advertising

Are Sponsored Content Ads right for your Business?  With the large variety of social media platforms and paid advertising approaches, it has become more difficult than ever to decide how to allocate your marketing budget so you receive the highest ROI for your marketing dollars.  While navigating the online marketing world it is imperative to ensure […]

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Aug 07

Facebook Reviews: Yay or Nay?

Facebook Reviews From an SEO stand point Google+ Reviews have been the most valuable because these reviews are directly connected to Google’s search algorithm and appear beside your business listing on the Google Locals section. If your business acquires a certain amount of reviews your listing will receive a corresponding star status. A glowing 5 […]

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Jun 19
social networking

Content Curation: Underrated yet Highly Effective

Well, if this isn’t the most under-utilized method of attracting followers and building up your authority I don’t know what is. Content Curation is basically collecting, sorting and sharing information, which sounds kind of boring but it can really work to your favour if you are good at it. We are all bombarded with posts, […]

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Reaching Consumers that have a Demand for Your Business!

The challenge in any marketing approach is to either make it clear that your service is essential to a potential customer or specifically reach individuals that have already identified a need for your services or products. Traditional approaches such as radio, television, or print, cast out a large net and hope that within that net […]

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A simple Guide to finding the Perfect Stock Photo

The Notorious Stock Photo Let’s be honest, stock photos do not have the best reputation as there are many that have been created to perplex audiences or humorously poke fun at the generic stereotypes they represent.  Stock photos have become famously known for being pictures of professionals that are overly happy and have a cheesy […]

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Feb 26

Make Your Coding Look As Good As Your Site

A common misconception about websites and search engine optimization is that it doesn’t really matter what your code looks like, just as long as your site is looking good. While you should always want your website to look good (so that you can attract visitors to your website, and that they will stay), or that […]

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Jan 29
"At" Key on Computer Keyboard

Make Your Website Accessible

Making your page content accessible should be one of many top priorities when you are dealing with SEO. A major point of good SEO and becoming a reputable source for your field is having quality content. However, that content is not that helpful if visitors to your site cannot find your content! There are multiple […]

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Re-marketing- Giving You A Second Chance!

What is Re-Marketing? Every day, dedicated marketing professionals tackle the difficult job of reaching consumers and intriguing them enough to buy a specific product or service. Effective SEO strategies have made it easier to reach ultimate consumers, but what happens when consumers quickly lose interest and move on to the next site without making the […]

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Dec 24
Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from Rocket SEO

Rocket SEO wishes you a very Merry Christmas.   From December 24th – January 1st, the Rocket SEO team will be out of the office enjoying time with our family and friends so the office will be closed during those dates. If you would like to get in contact with us, please send us an […]

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Dec 11

How SEO has changed

It’s that time of the year again, when people look back at the year of where they were, and where they are, and even where they might go in their lives. Well I want to take a look at how SEO has changed,  please read SEO checklist for 2015 and beyond to see where SEO will go. […]

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Dec 05
Review Us On Google+

The Power of Online Reviews

Let’s be honest – if you are online searching for a product or company, and reviews are available, you will take a look. And, if you happen to find unfavorable opinions, you will more than likely take your business elsewhere. Why take the chance of having a bad customer experience? On the other hand, if […]

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Nov 07

Aspects of Website Design that Affect your SEO

One aspect of a website that isn’t often thought of when it comes to SEO is the design of your website. People think about the design of their website in terms of how they want a website to look like, what feel they want to give with their website and even how the website will […]

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Multilingual benefits for SEO

A major question a lot of people have when first starting to do SEO for their site, often has to deal with what would be the best way to do it. Some clients have websites that are international, and they want to the best method for getting their sites found. Other people have a certain […]

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Location, Location, Location!

For a Brick & Mortar store location is critical for the success of the business. Picking a great location will allow you to take advantage of high traffic levels of potential customers and hopefully those consumers will flow right through your business doors. Essentially the more people that have easy access to your store the […]

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Jun 19
google analytics

A beginner’s guide to Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great tool provided by Google to track all of the traffic to your website. It can be as simple or as complex as you the user wants to make it. It can provide you with the amount of people that have come to your website, how they got there, how long […]

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Jun 11

Social Media & Your Company

A question that many people ask when starting a new website, or getting into page rankings is about social media or social networking. They know of Facebook, Twitter, Google+,  Instagram and even Linkedin because they might use these social networks for personal uses, but they wonder if they can be used for their business’ online […]

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Jun 09
Content Marketing

Tips to writing SEO content to rank higher on Google!

Tip on writing SEO content for your website: With the new Google Panda 4.0 in full swing, writing SEO content for websites has never been more important. Google wants to see that the content on your website is fresh, relevant, unique, has high quality and is of value to the reader. Googles job is to […]

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The Art of Cold Calling

“Sir, do you know that you could be saving money by partnering with our company? I only need a couple minutes of your time so I…” *click* I’m sure this is something a lot of company cold caller’s deal with myself included. Cold calling a company or even a person is not an easy task […]

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The Importance of Google Reviews

Getting reviews from your customers has always been a beneficial exercise for business, but today its importance is even greater. There are three main benefits of getting customer reviews; first, to acquire testimonials you can use in marketing your business; second, to better understand what you are doing right and/or wrong as a business; and […]

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Journey to Rocket SEO Internship

It had been a busy and long 4 months of school and finals were fast approaching. I had yet to find an internship for school and stress was at an all-time high. Finally I received an email saying I had an interview 1 week before my final exams, it was a glimmer of hope. I […]

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